Have you ever felt like you failed?
If YES, then I can assure you, you are human. Failer is also part of our life.
Even though failure is a natural thing it never feels like natural.
So how to deal with it when it happens?

#1 Never take it personally

Always have in your mind that failure is not part of your character but only an occasion which happens sometimes in your life. So, never take failure personally. Take it only as a reminder (sent from God, Nature whatever you name it) that you need to change something in your life which is not working for you or people around you. Whenever a failure occurs in your life ask yourself:” What do I need to change in my life to make it even better?”

#2 Use failure to your advantage

The next good question you can ask yourself when you experience failure is: “What can I learn from it? Is there any positive aspect of it?”
Most often than not you will find out that without failing at one thing you would not succeed at the other thing.
I remember when my Facebook account was shut down the last year. I felt miserable that day. But if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t change my marketing strategy completely which lead my life to some of my best results in online marketing.

#3 Always remember this: some very successful people had some big time failures in their lives

To name just a few:
Henry Ford: Before succeeding with his Ford Motor Company he failed at 5 business.
Steven Spielberg: He was rejected by the University of Cinematic Arts multiple times.
Colonel Harland David Sanders: He was fired from dozens of jobs before founding a fried chicken empire.
Sir James Dyson: He made 5,126 failed prototypes before designing one of the best and most sold vacuum cleaners.
Thomas Edison: His teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” His numerous inventions proved his “stupidity” was working really well 🙂

J.K.Rawling about the failure:


Have a bright day .-Bo Nardin



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