Hi, i’m Bo Nardin. I am a Professional affiliate marketer and Digital Business consultant. I have been working among Top Online Business Marketers since 2015. Me and my friend Kirhan Al Yaseen are Co-Founders of Digital Business Life. When i started, i had no technical skills. I was not even comfortable with English. However i had the passion and drive to succeed in my Life. I wanted to Live my life on my own Terms. Within few months, my efforts started paying me back. I am determined to help others out by guiding them through this whole process of starting an Online Business.

Our Mission is to promote this Laptop Lifestyle to all those people who are clueless about their career. We want to provide an opportunity to every class of people to be part of Work Force using Online Resources. We want this Platform (Digital Business Life) To be the Best and Most Reliable Guidance Provider in the Online Business World, so every individual could Lead a Productive Life Style.

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Hi, my name is Bo Nardin (Bo is short for Boris). The MAIN PURPOSE in my life is to be connected with like-minded people around the world and ADD VALUE to their lives… maybe even to YOUR life… through my actions, maybe through my friendship and through the internet. The world is so small now, thanks to the internet.


Because MY MAIN VALUE in life is being financially independent and being able to ADD VALUE through my action. It might sound like a cliché, but I always felt that by living that way one can breath with full lungs! For me, this means controlling my own life and having enough time for my hobbies and my family…

Yes, I have got two nice kids (actually all kids are nice, they are especially nice if they are yours :). They are twins, Hana and Kostja. And they expect me to be independent, they need a role model because they both think that is the only way to live a full life. So I’d better do it…
And there is Suzana, my spouse and my second soul (I was lucky enough to find my love very early in my life). I now work in my Online Business…. but if we have met before I started my Online business you would wonder what I am doing here… because I am a typical example of a technophobe, an extreme example of a non-technical guy.


I live in Slovenia, Europe, yes I point this out, because you might not know it if you live in some other continent. It is a small country and I live just on the border with Italy (ok, now you have a better picture of where I am). I always felt a strong desire to be connected with other people around the world so I even spent 5 years living and working in London, UK.
During my college years, I was doing pretty well and I thought all my life would be the same: pretty good! …but it wasn’t always like that. So with this fresh mind I enthusiastically enrolled at the University of Machine Engineering and after a year… I found it boring!
The result: My technophobia really expanded greatly back then.
Quitting the University I had to make a decision about what to do next. I decided to go to London. After a while (in between I played jazz in London’s clubs) I found my great career love: graphic design. So I learned the craft there.
After living and working in London for 5 years I went back home to Slovenia and started working as a freelance graphic designer… I worked very successfully for years, loving my job. But after a few years the agencies I worked for started employing their own staff and I had to find another solution. I found another job, an ordinary 7am-3pm job, earning enough to live on and support my family. It worked for a while, but I just knew there is more to life…


Still working I started looking for the opportunity, for a business of my own. The only problem I had I DID NOT WANT TO SELL!!! So I bought some vending machines (for toothbrushes in restaurants) with the idea the machines would sell for me. It worked at the beginning though there was no success and at the end of the day it was not a very inspiring business. Reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki I found out that everyone who wants to own a business should learn at least some basic selling skills.


So I decided to learn some basic selling skills and found a job in a Sales Department. And surprisingly even for me I did quite well there, raising their sales by 70% in only one year on my own… But despite this success I still had debt though the company was making progress.
Of course, it was THEIR success, the company’s success, not mine! I was an employee! I was becoming unhappy so I started to read more books, just to figure out something new. Luckily I came across an old and very good book: “The Science Of Getting Rich”. It had a profound impact on me (I strongly recommend YOU to read it). Through that book, I learned I have ALL THE POTENTIAL I need to turn my life for the better.
Checking out what could inspire me (and give me more freedom) I came across some videos on the internet where two young guys were describing Online Business. …

How a Techno-phobic person starts an Online Business

What attracted me first were THE MENTORS and NOT the actual business. Up until that point I did not know much about online marketing and just hearing the two words “Online Business” made me feel like my goosebumps were having a party on my skin. I just thought most of that kind of business was just hype…
… but, I watched the first video – and actually understood EVERYTHING.
The language the two guys spoke I could understand. The more videos I watched the more I was convinced there might be something for me. I must admit, watching one video after another, I was just waiting for THE BOMB, a next video where all the truth would be revealed and the two guys would just say:” Let’s now start talking about the real, juicy stuff and learn some great technical things!”
That could have been a red light for me to stop the video and to finish my Internet Marketing career right there on the spot. But that never appeared, luckily for me :). I understood everything up to the end of the last video in the series so I gave it a try…
And it went on until it absorbed me fully so I’m now doing my Online Business and I am building it up strong to make it as passive as possible. The beauty of it is it could be on autopilot most of the time… Of course if it’s build properly, on a strong foundation, with the right people and the right system from the beginning.
I suppose you pretty much know me by now, at least to the point where you can consider me as “might-be-a-friend”. I would like to hear about you, too. So let’s stay connected…
If you would like to know more about the new economy which is happening right now around all of us (working online or offline) and would like to check more about Online Business, write me a message… and maybe we will add some VALUE to our lives and other people’s lives.
Because that is all that counts in life: ADDING VALUE.

Have a sunny day,
Bo Nardin
Co-Founder (Digital Business Life)

*DISCLAIMER : What Differentiates us from other Online Business Opportunities is our World Class System & Methods, as well as our Integrity. So we Want you to Evaluate yourself. Individual Results will Vary. Our Training & Business System does not Guarantee 100% Success unless you are willing to Work Passionately and follow Instructions Smartly. You will have to be Consistent. All our Products and Services are for Educational Purposes Only. Our Testimonials of Success are Verifiable, However every Individual gets different Results based on his/her Determination & Effort.



Providing an Opportunity to every class of people to be part of Work Force using Online Resources.


We are Professional Digital Consultants. Unlike other Traditional Spam Affiliate Programs, we will not Only Hand over the Information to you, but also Lead you towards Setting up a Business. We will Guide you about Every Single Step. All you have to do, is to Follow our Instruction with 100% Passion, and you will End up Having an Online Business of yours.


We provide properly Tested Digital Business Platforms, where you will be provided with Training Videos to understand the whole Concept and Process.



We provide Step by Step Training to people so that they can Learn and Implement each and every Instruction easily.


We share Professional Tools with you to get your Online Business started. We guide you in Promotion of your Business.


If you do not have any product of your own, we will provide access to products which you can instantly start selling on your own.

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