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One of the Most Tough things about being Entrepreneur is Making Sales. Even the Brightest ideas can bankrupt a Business simply because the Sales Department fails to understand the Buyer. Companies are supposed to understand the mentality of Customers so that they can satisfy their needs and answer all the questions in their minds. If your customers will feel satisfied, it will develop trust and loyalty and eventually boost your progress. All Customers have these Questions in Mind :

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Do i Need this?

This is a very Obvious question. Every Customer asks himself that Do i need this Product ? So if you have well-targeted your Market, then it will be very Easy for you to answer this question of your Customers. However if your target market is not properly defined, then your customers will be very confused and it will be very tough for you to answer their this simple question.

All Customers have these Questions in Mind

Do I want this?

There is a difference between Needing something and wanting something. There is a huge majority of customers who buy things just because they desire them or want them, not because they need them. So it is very important to handle such customers, because these customers are simply looking for something special. So if you somehow convinced them that your product is special, they will buy it.

All Customers have these Questions in Mind

Can i Afford this?

This is very typical question but a lot of companies do not understand it. It is very important to answer this question before it is even asked. The reason behind pre-mentioning your product’s price is that those customers who have heavy pockets, they don’t care about your product’s price, but they are fewer in number. On the other hand, the majority of customers are curious about the prices, but all of them are not confident enough to ask for price. Si its better to mention the prices on all your products.

All Customers have these Questions in Mind

Do i trust this?

Buyers need to believe that the product or service they are considering will solve their problem or improve their lives in some way. They need to trust that the company selling to them is trust-able and can deliver on every promise. Buyers also need to know that the sales representative will be there for them even after the sale concludes.

All Customers have these Questions in Mind

Much of the sales process depends on whether or not a customer can defend making the purchase when lower-priced solutions might be available. A good sales representative can convince the customer with tangible reasons why this purchase is the best available option. It requires showing quality because cheaper isn’t always considered better.

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