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Overcoming Depression is not easy. Sometimes it seems impossible, because depression is a sort of constant confusion in our mind and thoughts. This confusion drains our energy, makes us hopeless and eventually effects our health. Most of the times, people are depressed because of some past experiences which makes them unhappy and sad. However the cause of depression varies among different people. Some people get depressed because of lack of direction is life, so they feel irritated by their routine.

The first step in dealing with depression is to get realization that you are depressed. Once you know your problem and seek its solution, you can solve it. Here are some important tips which will help you out.

Depression is a Prison, where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.

Dorothy Rowe

Break your Routine

The major ingredient of your depression is your routine, which must be changed. If you will keep things same, you cannot expect different results. You will have to do things differently. Get shifted to some place else, change your job, or make new friends. Whatever is linked with your depression, change it. And ask yourself, what does make me unhappy ? A fresh start will make a huge difference.

Adopt a Healthy Life Style

A healthy body can tolerate mental problems in a better way. Start doing exercise and balance your diet. You will feel very fresh and light. Start with little achievable targets, like doing exercise daily for just 5 minutes. This is reasonable. In the same manner, set a time table for your food consumption. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.


Get Enough Sleep

Depression makes your mind crowded with negative thoughts, and in order to silence those thoughts, getting a 8 hour sleep is a good idea. Try to sleep early so that you can have at least 6 hours to sleep. This will reduce stress for sure. Before going to bed, think of all your problems and tell yourself that when i will wake up in the morning, i will stop worrying about all this negative stuff and will start fresh.

Its Okay to be nor Perfect

Seeking perfection in every aspect of life is a good thing. But we should not make this a problem for us. Sometimes we cannot control a situation, so the best solution is to face it and deal with it bravely. Go for a change. Do not keep yourself in comfort zone. You will make mistakes, just learn from them and move forward. There is no need to keep feeling bad about your failures.

Join Social Activities

Socializing with Positive people is a very effective way to deal with depression. Talk with supportive people and try to kill the negativity inside you. You deserve a happy life. Depression grows faster when you are alone with a noisy mind. You need to be in social gatherings where you can talk about different things and listen to people’s stories.

You can easily get rid of depression if you are committed enough with yourself. This is your fight against yourself. If you will convince yourself to be happy, you can kill depression.

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