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Want to know what makes DBL (Affiliate Partner of SFM) stand out from the crowd, whether our program is compatible with your lifestyle or what being an affiliate is all about? View the following Questions to get answers to these important questions, and more.

How is DBL Connected with SFM ?

DBL Team are accredited Top Affiliates and Members of the SFM Program. This means that DBL promotes the SFM Program to relevant like minded people to get them introduced to this Online Business Community.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To explain exactly what Affiliate Marketing is, let’s start with an example. Take the offline world ­ if you think of it, every single day you walk into shops or retail outlets, there are products available for you to purchase. When you buy those products you obviously pay the vendor/shop owner. They get paid for the products, you get to take the products away with you, and that’s how we see traditional business done every day. In the Internet world, most of the business owners with products and services, including the likes of marketplaces like Amazon, actually rely on affiliates to get customers through the virtual door.

Say you found a new shop in your local town and tell your your brother, sister, friend, or neighbor, that this new shop has just opened and they have some fabulous products in there. Then, the following day, they go to purchase these goods and services and the shop owner gets a lovely referral from you, but you don’t see anything in return for that referral. Well, with affiliate marketing on the Internet, you have the opportunity to make referrals and get paid for every single referral that you make through the system or
business model called Affiliate Marketing.

Do I Need Any Previous Experience?

Well, it’s certainly natural for individuals to have concern as to whether they need any previous experience before getting started with an internet business or before getting started with SFM. And I can certainly say without any hesitation is that the answer is You absolutely Do not need any Previous Experience. In fact I can tell you that many of our top students over the years who have come through our business system and education program, are individuals who got started without any previous experience.

How Long Will It Take To Get Set Up?

So it really does vary from individual to individual in terms of how long it takes to get set up with their SFM business and their understanding of the business model and the way that they can make progress, it does vary. However, I’d say on average it’s around the two (2) Week mark and just to sort of give you some clarity in terms of the process, there’s several modules that you’re going to’ work through.

Predominantly there’s four (4) modules to getting yourself in a position to being set up and ready to make progress online. And within those modules there’s a few live training courses that you’re going to attend and there are recordings available if you really can’t make the live training. But we do our very best to insist that you do everything you can to attend live, because it gives you the opportunity to join in on the call­ if you wish. You can mute yourself out if you prefer but if you want any of your questions answered you can either type them in or you can come out live and ask your questions. There’s a huge amount of learning to be said for being around other people who are getting started and hearing their questions I think it really accelerates the learning process.

What Kind Of Support Do I Get?

I think supporting you through your journey of creating an online business is probably one of the most important questions that can be asked. And the reason being is with the internet—unfortunately—there’s a lot of programs and opportunities out there that will sell you a dream of being able to become productive on the internet once you actually get your credit card out and you make that purchase. There’s not a human in sight—there’s no one to be seen, no one to get a response from. And, I’ll be honest it’s taken us a long time to get it right.

What Kind Of Business Can I Build?

When it comes to the type of business that you can build as a result of being a student of SFM, the actual answer is an infinite amount of opportunities and types of businesses that you can go out and build and I’ll give you some examples of that in a minute. But before I do that, I just want to explain to you the main focus of our education particularly for your first three (3) to six (6) months here, and it’s teaching you and showing you how to market online.

Marketing in business is the lifeblood of any business whether you’re talking offline or online, and knowing how to get your products and services in front of a target audience really is everything. You could have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows it exists, then how on earth are they going to make a decision to purchase that product or service? So what we’re going to do, is we’re going to focus very heavily in almost an intensive way, on how to market online and believe me, you do not need to be technical or like I said, have any previous experience in order to do that.

What Type Of Products Can I Sell?

When it comes to the type of products that you’re going to be selling online in order to get results, there’s obviously a lot of things that we can guide you on. In fact, through the Getting Started Modules, we’re actually going to teach you why we suggest certain types of products for reasons like, some products are in high demand and of course products that are going to give major share. However, the important thing I must address straight away is that the education that you’re going to get out of SFM is designed to give you the ability to put the ball in your court on that front and you can pick and choose what you sell.

What Makes SFM Different Than Others?

I think it would probably be a fairer question to ask one of our students who has actually gone through the coaching and used our business system, because that way you’re going to get a response from somebody who isn’t one of the co­-founders! But, naturally, I think there’s a lot of things that make us incredibly different than anything else out there. Maybe I’m a bit biased but I’m more than happy to share some of the things that I feel really set us apart.

First of all, the step­-by-­step infrastructure that we have here is always commented on in a very complimentary way by our students. A lot of people who have tried to do things in the past on the Internet have said they felt very overwhelmed and that they were spreading themselves too thin ­ they’ve bought training courses but have not known where to start, a case of being completely overloaded. With us, we have a very well-­designed, step-­by-­step program for you to follow. I think that’s one of the first things that separates us from a lot of online opportunities out there.


“When I joined the SFM I simply wanted to learn internet marketing. I’m utterly realistic, I have my feet firmly on the ground and I have a finely honed ‘bull shit meter’. I’m a former Mortgage Broker so I’m used to in depth training in financial regulation & compliance & frankly, after buying a few other ‘hyped up’ internet marketing courses (& invariably getting a refund!) I was despairing of ever finding anyone who seemed even vaguely credible, and then I found Stuart & Jay and problem solved 🙂

It got even better because I’ve ended up with so much more than just an education in internet marketing. I’ve acquired a whole new set of friends from all over the world who form the SFM community; all ‘like-minded’ positive people sharing the same journey.

Discovering that Personal Development was an integral part of the SFM training just re-affirmed that I’d joined the right team. I know how hard it is for people who are accustomed to being employees to switch mindsets and become entrepreneurs. I know because I’ve been there and the SFM training really helps people move forward. When you start to learn internet marketing there can be days when the entire idea seems overwhelming and you wonder why you ever got started, it’s those days when you need the SFM to give you a really good dose of positivity. All I have to do is listen to some of the live or recorded trainings or hang out in the online groups and that’s it, I remember why I’m there and I’m back on track. For me, that’s the big advantage of being part of the SFM – you’re not alone.”


“I have been an entrepreneur since 2012 but I had never before realised the importance and potential of working with others on my business. I used to have a very ‘do it alone’ attitude, but now I’ve experienced the empowerment of working together with the leaders and community of the SFM, I would never go back.

The incredible support, friendship and leadership I have experienced within the SFM and DEA has allowed me to explore my true potential and has opened my eyes to the incredible power of working together with others in achieving my own goals, whilst also giving me the opportunity to give back through contribution to thousands of others worldwide through sharing my message online. This business has provided me fulfilment and purpose.

The SFM attracts incredible entrepreneurs and I feel extremely grateful to have found Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek and everyone else at the SFM. I now believe my future is great. I have a big purpose and not only that, I now have the strategies, technology and support I need to make it a reality”.



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