When you watch successful people all you usually see is only their end result – their success.
But every success starts with a single, most often, simple idea.
The basis for that idea is usually the problem.
And that was the way of making GoPro cameras – the best selling camera.

A young surfer Nick Woodman wanted to capture his surfing on camera.
He had a problem. All he wanted is to solve his problem first. So he started thinking about it.
And he was not a special person.
He also failed a few times in his previous businesses.

But because he was driven by his passion he never stopped. So he succeeded.
Watch the story of GoPro Inspirational Story:

Such stories really inspire me when the times get tougher.
You know that moment when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?
At such moments remind yourself that everyone on this planet has got his own problems. And some people actually solve their problems.
Who are those people?
They are not special. They are just consistent. They are driven by their passion. Yes, they are also losers, they also loose. But they never give up!

So, watch this video: GoPro Inspirational Story and get inspired.


Go for it and never stop! -Bo Nardin from DBL/SFM team

P.S.: Start your own thing right now!

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