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HomeSickness is a form of anxiety or emotional distress that results from feeling disconnected from familiar people, places and regular routine.

Homesickness can arise from a number of reasons — difficulty adjusting to a new surrounding, feeling alone or cut off from your support system, confusion or problems understanding a new environment/culture/language, a lack of control over what’s happening around you, culture shock, and the list goes on.

Tips & Techniques to Handle Homesickness

Homesickness won’t go away overnight. It takes confidence and effort to handle it, and it can sometimes seem impossible. Once you remove the homesick feelings, you’ll be able to see everything around you in a new positive way. Everyone has his own way of overcoming homesick feelings, but here are a few techniques that can help get those feelings off a little faster.

Before you even start working abroad, consider the following some major homesickness reduction techniques, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your journey.

Be a Tourist

Before starting working abroad, consider yourself as a tourist. In this way, it will be easier for you to explore the new country and their local conventions. You can enjoy this whole experience as an adventure. Do not think about its links with your work, just be a tourist and move around the city, talk with people and taste local food.

Face your Fears

If you are feeling hesitation in doing anything, just move forward and get done with it. Because as long as you will keep thinking about it, the fear will not go away. So the best way to remove fear is to face your fear. If you are afraid of visiting local markets, then just go there and get familiar with the environment. The more information you will get, the more relaxed you will feel.

Give your Family a Break

If you will keep talking with your family back in your country through Skype on daily basis, you will not be able to get adapted with your new work life. So you need to call them twice a week, instead of calling them twice a day. In this way, you will start feeling independent and will move on.

Create your New Home

If you will keep missing your home and family, that is not going to solve any problem. So you have to get settled. Therefore convert your new room into your new Home. Buy the furniture which will make you feel at home, decorate the room according to your taste. This will create a home like environment for you and you will start accepting new life style.

Homesickness is common, but it should not be a hurdle in your career. That is why you have to handle this accordingly and solve this issue as soon as possible.

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