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I still remember the day I started my Online Business, few months ago. It was an Important Decision for me, as I was too confused about whether its the Right Direction for me or not. Also I was worried about the Spams all over Internet. So I did a lot of research before getting successfully involved in Digital Lifestyle. I have Challenged Myself to Increase my Online Earnings every Month. For this purpose, I have decided to track my Progress by sharing my Monthly Earning with you, so that I can keep myself Motivated and Let people witness How I started all this.


Income Generated in MARCH 2016.
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How I Started my Online Business?

I evaluated several Money Making techniques over the Internet and concluded that Online Affiliate Programs are the Most Successful Option. Then the Next Step was to find some Reliable Affiliate Program. Not only I searched for Affiliate Programs but also Compared them with each other and talked with people who were already involved in those Affiliate Programs. All this Effort was just to finalize the Best Affiliate Program for me, which is a Complete Package for me in every way.

Which Path I Followed?

After my Research, I became part of the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program (SFM). The things I Loved about this Program was that they had a Complete Online Business Community, which is extremely supportive. So I felt very comfortable among other people who were part of the same program. Another positive point was the Training provided by SFM Program. This training involves Straight Forward instructions to be followed along with Detailed Webinars and Training Videos. I was provided not only with all required Tools but also the proper training to use them.

My First Online Income

I was really confident about the Standards of SFM Program, however I still was desperately waiting for Making some Money so that I can be 100% satisfied about the System. So I started following the instructions passionately and after few weeks, I received an email. SFM Program notified me about my First Sale and I immediately checked my SFM Account for the Results. That was an amazing moment, looking at an Amount of Dollars I earned, just because I took the right decision at right time.

Why I Challenged Myself?

After that day, I was Unstoppable. I got so excited about this Affiliate Program and happily doubled my efforts. Now I am so satisfied with the progress I am making. It is just a Beginning and I am not going to stop now. I now have really High Aims and I am totally confident about this system because I can see people in this community making 1000 times more than me.

So I gave myself a Challenge that I will make Progress in my Earnings every Month. And I wanted to Track my Progress by involving some people in this Challenge, so that they can witness How I Started and How I made Progress. For this purpose, I have decided to share my Earnings of Each Month with everyone along with Screen Shots of my Account. Because after Each month, I will set Higher Target for me, and your involvement will keep me Motivated for this Challenge.

If you want to know about What am I Doing and How am I Doing, you can Visit the Links below. These Links are the Final Results of my Research of several weeks that I did to find out the Most Reliable Systems for Online Business.


You can learn more about Digital Business Life.


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