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As a Shy Entrepreneur, you may feel that you have some disadvantages that your Confident counterparts don’t have to deal with. However, this isn’t exactly correct. In reality, you hardly operate best under different kinds of circumstances. And, when it comes to Business Deals and making sales pitches, you may have to take a rare approach in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

As you come to grips with your shy tendencies, you can start to put yourself in the path of Success. Here are some negotiation tips to help you accelerate this process.

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Do Homework & Be Prepared 

Fear of negotiating is often directly associated with a lack of the unknown. If you do your homework ahead of time and become an expert on all issues related to the deal, then you can ward off any hesitancies and anxieties that you may have regarding the content of the deal. Being prepared is one of the best assets that you can have.

Important Tips for Shy Entrepreneurs

Throw Open Ended Questions

On a related note, you need to be prepared for open-ended questions yourself. While you may not always be prepared to answer a specific question, you can develop a strategy for tackling the format of the question.

Limit your answer to just a few sentences, and quickly redirect an open-ended question back to the other person. By briefly addressing their question and then redirecting, you avoid coming off as rude and appear engaged instead.

Important Tips for Shy Entrepreneurs

Contrary to popular belief, introverted entrepreneurs can be good negotiators. Assuming that you’ll never be able to facilitate strong negotiations and sales pitches based on the fact that you fall on the lower end of the social-engagement continuum is foolish. You simply need to acknowledge the situation, take inventory of your skills and leverage the appropriate tactics. 

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