Killing The Sale by Todd Duncan, a book you should read if you are fed-up with all the sales tricks other sales books teach you. Why?

Because that is a totally different book. It teaches you that honesty always wins in sales – on the long run.

I really liked the book Killing The Sale because it teaches you how to give value to your customers first.
Forget all the sales tricks and just be honest. And, yes, learn hot to give value first.

Giving value is one of the major things I learnt in online marketing.
In an online world, this is very important because people can only read about you or they can see you on your video. And that is all. So you have to give enough value to earn their trust – giving useful information, useful tips, whatever you can do in order to improve people’s lives.

Once you give enough value to your customers you start building trust.
And trust is the basis of any sale.

08_circle_me_s Have a sunny day. -Bo from DBL team

P.S.: Click HERE to learn more how to build trust trough the Internet.

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