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I always thought that Startup Businesses get Mature with the Passage of Time. This statement is both Right and Wrong, depending on who is Running the Business and how is he running it. In some Cases, there are Graduate Students or Experienced Employees who think about Starting a New Business of their own. They already have gathered much knowledge about How Entrepreneurship works. They have passion and Right Direction. Everything looks good until they come across their First Client or Customer. The same thing happened to a Friend of mine, John.

Give Established Look to your Startup

John and i were having a discussion about Startup Businesses and he shared his experience with me. He said that he has now understood this fact that Customers judge the Company by its Size & Age. Even if you are Expert at doing something or you have the Best Products in the Market. Still you will face this hurdle of gaining the Trust of Customers. John told me the story about his Online Shirts Business, where he had Professional Team and Everything, but Customers were hesitating in buying his shirts because they thought its a new Company.

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Give Established Look to your Startup


I asked him about the solution to this problem. He explained everything he did to overcome this challenge. He said that Startup needs to Give Established Look to their New Companies. I listened to the whole story and i thought this information is really helpful, so i decided to mention all facts in this article.


All Startups must start behaving like an Established Company, in order to become one. Most of the Clients and Customers immediately open your website once they know about you from somewhere. So website is like a First Impression. If you impressed them in their first Online Interaction, they will be satisfied with your Quality.

Give Established Look to your Startup


Instead of explaining all your Services and Products, Get some Brochures printed out. Print out your Business Cards with your Company’s Logo. Give yourself a Professional look. Have some Branded Stationary on your Desk. Try to let people know that you are a Real Serious Company.

Give Established Look to your Startup


It feels bad when you have the best services and Products but some customer rejects you just because your Company is not Old Enough. So to avoid such situations, you will have to Multi Task. Because being a Startup, you will have Few Employees or even no one. So you will have to be the Guy who is available everywhere. You will be the Boss, and also the guy who picks up the call, when some customer has a Question. Your customers will think that you have a Customer Services Department.

Give Established Look to your Startup

In simple words, you will have to Think like an Established Company and Behave like one. You will have to Fake it, until you Make it. That was Simple Trick explained to me by John. This is a very common issue among Entrepreneurs and Startups, so they can use these tips to give their Business es an Established Look.

If you have any other ideas about Give Established Look to your Startup, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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