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We all have come across moments when some Friend of ours Proudly informed us about the Brand he is using. There are several Companies which are now a Brand. People Love to be Associated with Famous Brands. You must have listened to many statements  like “Hey, check out my iPhone 6“, “Hey, i bought a Ferrari“, “Hey, my father gifted me a Rolex Watch”, or even some people are Proud to be Employees of such Brands. You must have heard that “Hey, that guy used to work in Google.” etc. So why are people so Proud of these Brands ? How these Companies managed to make people Fall in Love with their products ? You should Learn to make people Love to be Associated with your Brand.

love to be associated with your brand

What are the Benefits ?

Benefits of making people Fall in Love with your Brand are pretty Obvious. First of all, you will get Permanent Regular Customers. Secondly, these Lovers will fight for your Brand without any Advertisement fee. Don’t you see people fighting over iPhone vs Samsung ? This is absolutely Free. If you have one Fan, who is a Proud Customer, he will advertise your Brand to all his Friends & relatives. This is called Advertisement by Word of Mouth. It is the Most powerful Advertisement, as the Targeted person is directly in interact with a Customer. So it is like a Review.

love to be associated with your brand

How to make People Fall in Love with a Brand?

Well this is the Most important Question here. How can you make people to be Proud Customer of your Products, just like they proudly show off their iPhone? For this purpose, you will have to Develop a Brand Mentality. Running a Business and Running a Brand are totally different things. Brands have Brand Elements, like we all identify McDonald by its Joker and Big Yellow “M”. Our Logos, our Tag Lines, and even the names of our Products are all Brand Elements. Companies which understand the Concept of Branding, advertise their Business in such a way that people think of it as something very special to have.

When someone proudly show off his Mercedes Car to his friends, all his Friends think of Mercedes as something very special to have. They all develop a Desire to have Mercedes. This is how it works. Obviously you will have to raise your Standards, but most important thing here is Presentation. This is the Key. You can sell a Shirt in 10 Dollars and you can sell the same shirt in 50 dollars by packing it in some Elite looking gift Paper. This is what these Giant Companies are doing, using their TV Advertisements to make people think of their products as something very Special. They Hire Famous Celebrities and when people see those Celebrities using that product, they feel those Products as some Unique Shiny Gold stuff.

You can Get more Information from Links Below and Learn More About Starting a Business.

love to be associated with your brand

Chance vs Confidence

Young Entrepreneurs are doing experiments with their business. They are inspired by Success stories and they also want to take chances. However people who are above 35, are confident about their abilities and skill sets. So they can skip doing experiments and directly walk the right path. So Startup Business has no Age Barrier.

love to be associated with your brand

So you will have to Make People Love to be Associated with your Brand. Even if your Business is making enough money, still you can Multiply it with 100, if you develop an Understanding of Branding. You can easily make your Company Prominent, Different and Famous by Implementing Branding Techniques.

If you have any other ideas about People Love to be Associated with your Brand, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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