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New Year’s resolution is a sort of agreement with our own self, that we will do some important improvements in our life, which could be linked with anything. It is a type of “things-to-do” from 1st January of New Year and its deadline is either 31 December or properly specified. A number of people make a New Year’s resolution for different purposes. Some wants to lose weight, some wants to quit smoking, some wants to exercise regularly and some wants to start earning more. This is a very productive and motivational practice, but still only 1 out of 50 persons is able to achieve those goals. So we will discuss the reasons of failure and then we will list down some tricks to help you out in achieving all goals of your New Year’s resolution.

Do More of What Makes you Happy

PROBLEM within New Year’s Resolution

Most of the times the biggest problem which causes failure is within the new year’s resolution itself. This is because of some poorly defined goals which have no proper measurement and deadlines. We will list down some resolutions for better understanding.

1. I will read more Books.
2. I will exercise more.
3. I will eat healthy food.

Now these kind of resolutions have 100% failure guaranteed. This is because they are some properly specified. We need to be more specific about what we want to do, otherwise we will end up ignoring this whole thing. If i want to read books, i will have to specify the number of books or even names of those books, so that i could have a clear image of my goals in my mind. This is very important, because this way we can calculate our success or failure at the end of the year. Also we will be able to monitor our progress during the whole year.

Specification of Goals

Now we will discuss how to be more specific about our new year goals. We mentioned 3 examples above which will lead to failure. Now we will re-phrase the exact 3 goals with more details. This will increase the rate of success from 0% to 60%.

1. I will read 5 English novels by September.
2. I will do a 5 minute exercise daily before breakfast.
3. I will restrict myself to eat fast food once in a week, (Sunday).

We can clearly see that how adding a little detail has made our goals more realistic and specific. This is not the end. We can add more details and schedule our goals. The reason it increases success rate is that it becomes a reminder in our mind, which reminds us about our promise of 5 minute exercise before breakfast. And this reminder makes us complete our tasks.

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