Whenever I start a new thing I am scared. 
There are fears which are stopping me at the very beginning.
And I am pretty sure the same fears are stopping you, too – sometimes.
But what drives me going on is the one thing: thinking of the end result!

When I started an online business I did not know anything about it.
So, I was scared.
Now, while working with people who are just starting their own online business I see they experience the same 3 major fears.
It is good to know what these fears are and also how to go ahead despite them.

There are 3 major things which are stopping you from doing the next step:

#1 Do not know where to start from
#2 Do not know who you can trust to
#3 The fear of losing some time or money

#1 Do not know where to start from

The answer: Find the mentor. The person who is already there where You want to be.

#2 Do not know who you can trust to

You can only learn things from do-ers.
So ask your mentor how successful is right now. What is he doing right now? What can he show you right now?

#3 The fear of losing some time or money

That fear is the most common one.
What is the remedy for it?
Nothing else but just making the next step. If you feel you are going into the right direction then make another step. And then yet another.
There is no guaranty anyway but as it was said at the very beginning:
thinking of the end results will put trust into yourself.

Write your comments in the box bellow or send me an email: bo.nardin@digitalbusinesslife.com

I would like to listen to your story, what fears are stopping you and how you cross them!


Have a brave day! -Bo Nardin from DBL team


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