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Opportunity. Everyone loves this word. It is a term that inspires positive hope, also something we can wish upon for better life. Real opportunities can be described as sales people who knock on our door, or they may call us while we are having dinner at night. We get irritated and don’t want to open the door. We think we know how it is going to turn out. We are too scared to say ‘NO’ when a question is asked by them. Real opportunities are the ones that we are unable to immediately see. They come to us at the most unexpected times. We are so occupied by other distractions or our personal opinions that we simply miss the majority of opportunity, across our path. Even if it is a Business Opportunity.

Opportunity & Fear Factor

I constantly talk to friends, colleagues, clients and even your average person on the street who tell me they’d love to do this or that. And they say it with awesome passion in their eyes. Then I ask when they plan to start or why they haven’t yet. Immediately their physiology changes-their posture slumps, their voice quiets and their face tightens. You can immediately see it. And the excuses begin: I won’t make enough money, I may lose my job, it might fail. The list goes on.

No matter the excuse, they are all rooted in the same emotion: Fear

Worst Case Assumptions

To have a shot at taking that leap and living our dreams, we must take the time to conceptualize our realistic worst case scenario. Is it really that you are going to end up on the street starving or become unemployable? I doubt it. These are extremes and rarely apply. We develop them in our mind to keep us from going out on a limb. We may think we do it to protect us from failure but all it really does is sabotage us from reaching our highest goals.

Let’s say for example you’re working for a big corporation and you have a dream to spin off and start your own nutritional services business (or whatever). The initial thinking usually goes as follows: If I quit my job and try to go off on my own, it might not work. I might fail. If I fail it will ruin my credibility and I will no longer have a job. People will see me as a failure. If I don’t have a job then I won’t be making money and I won’t be able to support myself or my family. If I don’t have an income, then I will end up starving on the streets.Before you know it, trying to start a business has turned into starving with your family on the streets. Our minds have linked one to mean the other. Sounds wild but this thinking is all too common. Even if we don’t think that specifically, a lot of our fears are subconsciously rooted in these types of outcomes.


Take Chance !

Taking opportunity can be scary, some of them definitely are. To achieve anything in life, we need to take a chance. The beauty of taking chances, is that anything can happen. You might fall, get hurt, or be embarrassed, but what if you could experience something that is completely mind-blowing and changes your life forever. The next time someone offers for you to go out for a social event, a job offer, or a free ticket to Europe – stop and think. Your usual answer is ‘no’, but what if this time you say ’yes’. This time, go forth with the intention to learn, to experience, to enjoy.

Knowing is better than Wondering

If you will look back in your life and think about the decisions you made till now. You will come across many examples and situations where you were confused about whether to say Yes or No. And you said Yes. And it turned out to be very good decision for you. Just imagine that you were unable to say Yes, and you will still be wondering that what if i had said Yes. And it will keep irritating your thoughts. Because your mind can only wonder about events, it will never know unless you step forward and say Yes. And believe me, Knowing feels better than Wondering.

To conclude, we should start saying “yes” more. Otherwise we will miss out many experiences that we deserve in this life time. Whatever happens, at least you will know. Otherwise you will keep wondering all your life.

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