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Has anyone ever advised you to Slow Down? Most of the people around us ask us to speed up our struggle for better results. Entrepreneurs have several goals. Some of those goals are extremely difficult to achieve and require consistency. Now the problem with being speedy for such goals, is that we get tired.

When we start our journey of achieving some Long term Goal, we are supposed to put consistent effort. But in most of the cases, we consume all our Energy in the initial stage. Because we are super-passionate in the beginning. We work extra hours and cross all boundaries. The problem appears next morning, when we are supposed to match the effort of yesterday, which seems too much. So its better to have soft targets, as little regular efforts will keep us consistent.

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How Slowing Down can make you Consistent?

Focus on Consistency

All Entrepreneurs feel extra excited when they start working on some Business Idea. They try to work very hard to make progress. But achieving consistency is just like doing exercise in Gym. You can either lift all the dumbbells in one day, or you can lift them step by step everyday. So lifting extra weight for one day, will only make you feel tired. On the other hand, lifting soft weights everyday will start shaping up your muscles.

Overall, we can conclude that Smart & Consistent Effort is better than Tough Effort. Keep things easy for you, so that you can maintain your efficiency and can enjoy the progress.

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