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Technology Advancement has obvious benefits but excess of everything is bad. Instead of using technology for ease in life, people have started using technology as a hobby. Most prominent example is the increasing usage of smart phones. This technology has its countless advantages but people are getting addicted to it which brings some problems as a side effect which should be known by us. This way we can manage its usage.

We have discussed some of the major problems faced by people who are addicted to smart phones.

smart phones addiction

Transfer of Germs

Obviously our hands are the number one things that touch our phones, and then we put the phones to our face. This easily spreads germs. Luckily, this is one of the negative effects of your smart phone on your health that you can make better. Try to wipe down your phone regularly with sanitizing wipes to cut back on the germs.

Lack of Creativity

Believe it or not, smart phones can reduce your creativity. In order to think creatively you need a little down time to let your mind wander. If you are addicted to phones, any free moment you have is spent checking up on various people via social media, reading news updates, or checking out the most recent posts. That doesn’t leave much for creative thoughts to flourish.

Social Distance

Some people find themselves so addicted to their smart phone that they feel disconnected from the people in their life. One friend of mine confessed that he missed his son’s first steps because he was reading a text message and not savoring the special moment. Unfortunately, that is something he can never get back. Now he turns his phone off when he gets home so he can connect with his family instead.

Increase in Road Accidents

We all know that texting while driving is a horrible idea. Yet, so many of us still do it. Taking your eyes off the road even for a second to read a text or respond can easily cost you your life or the life of someone else. Don’t let your smart phone be a distraction to you while driving, it’s not worth it.

Stressful Routine

While many of us love being able to stay connected through email, text, and calls with our smart phones, it’s that same constant availability that can lead to major stress. This is especially true for people with high stress jobs. Every time the phone rings or alerts a new message they feel a slight tinge of anxiety. No one needs that sort of stress in their lives.

Sleep Problems

Smart phone are also linked to many sleep problems. If you take your phone to bed you may find yourself plugged in while you should be winding down. Instead of relaxing your brain, you are feeding it with more thoughts. It’s hard to fall asleep when your brain is buzzing with new information. To avoid sleep problems, turn your phone off at bedtime instead of making it your nightly companion.

As you can see, smart phones easily affect several areas of our overall health. I am not saying we should all throw out our smart phones, but we should practice a little moderation for the sake of our health.

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