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Why does people get addicted to Smoking ? There are many factors involved. But the most important one is Nicotine. Its a drug, which is naturally a part of tobacco. As time passes, the smoker start feeling Nicotine requirement physically. Also the smoker develop emotional addiction with Nicotine intake. When a person smokes, Nicotine get inhaled deep into lungs. This Nicotine drug gets absorbed by the blood and is carried to whole body through blood stream. It affects your heart, veins and even brain. This is the foundation of smoking addiction. Smoking Addiction is not like Smart Phone Addiction, which only effects your social life, smoking damages your health.


Once you will stop smoking. Your health will start getting several benefits. In just 8 hours, the excess of carbon monoxide will be out of your body. in 5 days, a lot of nicotine will leave your body. In 1 week, your senses of taste and smell will start improving. In 3 months, the functionality of lungs will become 30% better. In 12 weeks, your lungs will regain the ability to clean itself. In 12 months, your risk of heart attack will be reduced to half. In 5 years, you will be perfectly healthy. Plus you will save a huge amount of money.



Because of the Nicotine Addiction, there will be many difficulties when you will try to quit cigarettes. It will not be easy. But if you will manage the symptoms, understand their cause and keep yourself determined, you can fight those problems. Most common withdrawal symptoms are :

01. Dizziness

02. Depression, How to Deal with Depression

03. Feelings of Frustration

04. Anxiety

05. Irritability

06. Sleep Disturbances

07. Trouble Concentrating

08. Restlessness

09. Headaches

10. Tiredness

11. Increased Appetite

12. Weight Gain

13. Constipation & Gas

14. Cough & Sore Throat

15. Chest Tightness

16. Slower Heart Rate

Important thing to understand here is that these symptoms will obviously try to get you started on smoking again. However if you will consider these symptoms as indicators of success, it will be much easier that way. Because regaining health will have some hurdles. But once you will understand them and manage them. You will get closer to your goal of getting rid of Cigarettes.

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