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Last Week, I attended an Event held by the Six Figure Mentors. There were people from different Countries over there, and it was a very Informative & Supportive Gathering. I met a SFM Affiliate named Bo Nardin, at that Event. We started having a friendly discussion about SFM Program. After that event, we hanged out in a Restaurant and He motivated me a lot. I was really inspired by How He managed to Change His Life by Following the SFM program. I wanted to Learn about this SFM Program.


I used to read about many Online Money Making Companies, but this was an amazing Chance for me to take Direct Advice from a Guy, who has gone through the whole process and has starting earning Online Cash. I was very excited about this meeting, and I had countless questions for him in my mind. This was an opportunity for me to receive Authentic Knowledge about Getting Online Success.

sic figure mentors


How did you Get to this Point where you could Earn 10,000 Dollars a Month ? What’s your Story ?


  • Actually I started Online Marketing with SFM, only a Year Ago. I started from Scratch. I had No Knowledge about Online Marketing.
  • I had No Money at that time. So I borrowed some Money to Get started with the SFM Affiliate Program.
  • Also my English was at a very Basic Level. But I gave it a Try. I thought that I have nothing to Lose.

I started SFM program, I followed their Trainings. I kept learning and Implementing everything they taught for about 6 Months. There were no Results.

On the 7th Month, I also started Online Advertisement. The Results were pretty Quick and on 10th Month, I was able to earn about 10,000 Dollar (9,345 Dollars exactly) just by the Commission, as an Affiliate of SFM.


What made you Get into this Online Business Stuff?


Actually I wanted to do some Business of my own. Online Business was not in my options. Because I was purely a Non-Technical guy. But I thought that if I find some Online Mentor, who could guide me about this whole thing, then I will do it.

I watched the Free Video Series of Six Figure Mentors and I felt that these Mentors are really Good for me. They can become Leaders. I was very scared as this Online World was very Technical for me. But it Worked for me. It Really Worked !


Is SFM Program for Everyone ? Or for some Certain people ?


I am myself an Example for everyone, as a SFM Affiliate. You do not need to have any Special Skills. You do not need to be of Certain Age. You do not need to be an English Speaker. You just need to have that Drive in yourself to Learn something New.

So if you have that Urge to do something in Life, you will easily succeed using SFM Program. They have Step-By-Step training so once you will follow them, there is very Big Chance of your Online Success.

After getting Answers to all my Questions. Everything was Crystal Clear to me. I summarized the whole Interview into points so that I could share them with Everyone.



It was very nice talking to Bo Nardin as it gave me the courage to proceed. The way a Normal Guy started making thousands of Dollars by an Online Program really inspired me. Bo Nardin is a Genuine Example for me to believe in Digital Business Success.

If you have any knowledge about Six Figure Mentors, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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