Hi Guys!

For the last 2 months or so I haven’t been writing any blogs. The reason for is that our team has been working hard on a new Amazon project – designing, producing and marketing new meal prep bag – for people on the go who care about their healthy eating.

And there is an offer for all you guys living in the USA (at the moment we are present only on Amazon USA). But before that let me describe that newly designed meal prep bag…

Our meal prep bag consists of:

  • the bag itself made of insulated materials
  • 3 food BPA-free containers – with Secured-Lock system to avoid any leakage
  • a cooling gel
  • and a promotional water bottle made of aluminum

Up until now, we got only 5 -stars reviews (with just a couple of 4-stars) so that means customers are really happy with it. You can find more about it on www.sisianti.com
The meal prep bag is useful for someone who works long hours away from home and doesn’t want to spend money on junk food, for the family going to the picnic, for people on a diet who want to organize their meals,…. …in short, the meal prep bag is useful for anyone who takes care of his or her healthy dieting – anyway check the pictures below.

So here is the special offer…

Currently, but only for a limited time, we are running a special launch promotion offer with a massive, 53% OFF DISCOUNT. You can get the meal prep bag for only $39,97, thus saving $44,53 (the original price is $84,50). The offer is currently available only in the USA.

So, if you want to get our newly desinged meal prep bag (with food containers, a cooling gel, and the water bottle) with a massive discount answer this email: bo.nardin@digitalbusinesslife.com and I am going to give you the link to our new product promotion on Amazon so you can have your meal prep bag at the promotional price.

Stay in touch and stay healthy!

Have a sunny day. -Bo

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