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Everyone has many Dreams and Aims, yet most of us will never be able to see fulfill them. May be it’s because of feeling scared of Facing Failure. And those who do achieve their Goals? Most are often left unfulfilled, wandering feeling confused — why?
Because dreams are meant to be Imaginations, and are supposed to be unattainable. That’s why we call them dreams, right? Well its Wrong. Here are some Terrible Excuses for not fulfilling your Dreams.

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Yes, we all have that little Negative Voice in our Mind screaming that we’re pathetic, a failure, and are worthless too. Sometimes, you believe you’ve created the best thing that’s ever been on earth, and the next day you are wondering why in the world you created such a Stupid Thing.

Well, there are many Facts that science has told us about that Negative voice. For one, it was originally used as a means of feeling Comfortable and Secure. Yes, that voice that calls you Stupid and Ugly was intended to be helpful, not hurtful. But let’s face it, that voice is one of the amazing things we have. It will tell us over and over when something isn’t good enough about us or for us.

Terrible Excuses for not fulfilling your Dreams

I Don’t Enough Time

All Dreams are meant to be taken and then Worked on with Passion. And if you say that you don’t have enough time for your Passion, then you truly never were passionate about it. If you truly have no time, no time in the world to do what you love, drop what you don’t like and start doing what you Like and Love. Yes, you might make a little less Cash, you might not be able to Exercise, you might not be able to do things you like, but you will be able to do the thing you love and fulfill your dream. So what do you have to lose to go after your dream?

Terrible Excuses for not fulfilling your Dreams

My Family Does not Support Me

Everyone has that one person who will stop at nothing to put down their aspirations. These people ask you that you have to be a Realist. Being an artist doesn’t pay Expenses, neither does being a writer. What pays bills is working a 9-to-5 job that you might dislike, and for what? A nice car, some house, a job, some status? But what about that dream? What about that dream to be a writer, to publish work?

Terrible Excuses for not fulfilling your Dreams

Being honest to yourself is one of the Most Difficult Things to do in life. People do not like disappointments, and when you are struggling to be successful, you always hear these words, “I’m doing my Best,” and “I’m too much Busy.” So, stop with such excuses and go out there to change your Life.

If you have any other ideas about Terrible Excuses for not fulfilling your Dreams, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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