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Countless people have this question in their minds that why are they not Rich? Most of the people ask this question because they feel disappointed and hopeless. Such people blame the whole thing on their Luck. However if you want to solve this situation, then you should ask the same question, but with a different mentality. You should ask this question to figure out the reason behind it, so that you can change the situation instead of just crying about it. Lets discuss the Top Reasons of Why you are not Rich.

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Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich

You are Afraid of Failure

A very common reason is Fear of Failure. This fear stops you from doing anything in your Life. It will stop you from doing experiments and will keep you at the same condition as you are. You are supposed to make many Brave Decisions to get success, however if you will keep fearing , you will never be able to Grow.

Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich

You are a Saver, not an Investor

Most of the people are simply saving money to feel Rich, and they never succeed. Because today or tomorrow, some urgent thing comes up and all their saving is spent on that. May be they get sick, or buy a Car, or buy a house. In one way or another, their saving gets consumed. On the other hand, wealthy people are more interested in Investments. They invest their money to make more money, instead of just saving them.

Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich

You Hang out with Wrong people

Just think about the Friends you hang out with. Are they a positive influence or a negative one ? Open Minded friends will discuss ideas with you, they will talk about opportunities. While negative friends will simply pull you down. They will always discuss how hopeless is the system of world and they will talk bad about other people.

Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich

You think that Only way to Earn more is to Work more

This is a very common misconception among middle class. They need to understand that working more will not make them Rich. instead working in the right direction with a Smart Strategy will make them Rich.

Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich

The truth is that anyone is capable of being Rich & Wealthy in this world. According to many self-made millionaires, building wealth and becoming rich is not up to your Luck, it is actually up to you and your mentality about Money Making.

If you have any other ideas about Top Reasons of Why you are Not Rich, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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