Is it hard to start an online business?
Recently a friend of mine who started an online business said to me:
“I feel sometimes overwhelmed by it”

Yes, I remember my own beginnings in an online world and I felt the same.
But I always have in mind a thought of a very successful businessman who was once asked this question:
“Was it hard to succeed?”

His answer was very straightforward (and very inspiring):
“Yes, it was hard. But then again, it was well worth doing it!”

That might scare you or inspire you.
Depends on where your focus goes.

So the next time you think of starting a new business don’ think only how hard it is but also what will be the end result. If you get excited by the end results then you shouldn’t be scared of any overwhelming (which will definitely appear along the way).


Go for it! -Bo from DBL team

P.S.: If you are not sure whether to start an online business or not check it HERE. You might get an answer.

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