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Being an Entrepreneur is obviously a difficult path. It is not a profession, its a life-style. Many New Entrepreneurs face many problems during their struggle period, but they are ready to face all such issues. However being a Victim of Social Criticism is not part of their theoretical plan. There are many people who convey Negative Energy towards Entrepreneurs. They can not only misguide them but also discourage them during their difficult times. That’s why such kind of people should be Avoided by New Entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs are Dreamers. They are Idealistic Risk Takers. They have Big Goals and Future Plans. However world is full of Realistic People who can scare the New Entrepreneurs by presenting all Risks in a Negative way. Such people should be Avoided by New Entrepreneurs.

avoided by new entrepreneurs


World has Advanced a Lot, and everything is effected by Technology. However some people does not like change and they stick to Old Traditional ways of doing things. So New Entrepreneurs can easily be stopped or slowed down by such people. They can keep them away from Digital Business Life. While Digital Business has unlimited opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

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avoided by new entrepreneurs


Those people who does not want to listen to anyone, because they think they already know everything should also be Avoided by New Entrepreneurs. They can easily insult the ideas of Entrepreneurs and throw rejection at their face without any Logical Discussion.

avoided by new entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship lets you come across many people who once tried to do something but failed. Such people will constantly blame others for their failure and can easily discourage the New Entrepreneurs. They have thousand excuses for their failures, so they force those experiences into the minds of New Entrepreneurs.

avoided by new entrepreneurs

To conclude, entrepreneurs should try to be around positive and bright minded people who have similar mentality. Because entrepreneurship is a tough path, and you will always need support of the people around you. They can easily boost your confidence or even destroy it. So the negative kind of people must be ignored and Avoided by New Entrepreneurs.

If you have any other ideas about People who should be Avoided by New Entrepreneurs, do Share them with us. You can post comments to add more informative value to this subject. Your Input is Much Appreciated.

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